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KMU.DIGITAL - the Austrian Digitalization Initiative for SMEs

KMU.DIGITAL is the digitalization initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy in cooperation with the Austrian Economic Chambers. The funding program provides financial support for consulting services as well as for investments in digitalization projects for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The program was launched in 2017 and has entered into phase 5 in 2022/23. Since its beginning more than 22.000 projects have been funded with a total amount of 22 million euros.

KMU.DIGITAL covers a vast array of topics such as:

  • Business models & processes: CRM-tools, electronic invoices, 3-D printing, use of big data, logistics, optimal use of production resources etc.
  • E-commerce and online-marketing: webshops, trustmarks, online-marketing & social media etc.
  • IT and cybersecurity: data security, IT security, cybercrime prevention etc.
  • Digital administration: automation of administration processes, electronic bills etc. 

For each of these topics the program offers two different modules: consulting and implementation.

Module Consulting

Within this module there are two toolboxes available for SMEs:

Toolbox 1 – Status- and Potential Analysis: "What should be changed?"

The potential analysis (4-5 hours) helps entrepreneurs to systematically analyze digital trends, opportunities and risks for their company.

The status analysis helps entrepreneurs to determine their status quo in the areas of electronic commerce and IT-security. The results are summarized in a digitalization map and the company gets an overview of the possibilities for improvement.

All analyses are conducted by certified consultants and especially recommended for smaller companies. 80 % of the costs up to EUR 400 for each consultation are funded by the state.

Toolbox 2 – Strategic Consulting: "How do I get there?"

Certified strategic consultants provide companies with support (2 days) in defining a strategic plan and implementing concrete steps in their respective digitization strategy.

The analyses are conducted by certified consultants. 50 % of the costs up to EUR 1.000 for each consultation are funded by the state. 

The total amount of funding for all measures taken within the Module Consulting is EUR 3.000 for each company.

Module Implementation

Within this module, companies receive funding for the implementation of investment projects in their digital infrastructure. 30 % of the investment costs for new tangible and intangible goods up to EUR 6.000 are funded by the state, helping SMEs to take their first steps towards digital transformation.

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